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Our CRT Network is not an employment agency, it is for PROFESSIONAL LEARNING ONLY.

If you are interested in joining this network please email Rosemary and Karen (co-ordinators) on crt.somerville@yahoo.com

Monday, 30 January 2012

So much to tell you!

Hi All!

so much to tell you, so much to tell you!...Sue has a full time job - she was lucky enough to score a fantastic position within a Montessori school in Karingal (I say lucky but I should actually acknowledge all the hard work she put into CRT work within Karingal Primary School in 2011 (same school principal as the Montessori school)  and of course the work she put into her studies, that got her that job) - Well done Sue!

I have also scored a job, slightly different do what I imagined ... I have returned to my first training - Social Work.  I now work for Oz Child Disability Services.  Still working closely with children (thank goodness!)  just in a different forum.  The job was just too good to refuse.  I hope to keep my hand in on the teaching to some extent so I will not be disappearing from the Network entirely.

Kaz and Rosemary will continue to run the CRT network - they intend to pursue many avenues of professional development in 2012 - PE, Music and Art workshops, Edustar sessions and possibly a session on Restorative Practices to named a few.  This blog has been set up in my name (and my email) and so Kaz will be in touch shortly with more information related to a blog that she will be developing in the near future on behalf of the CRT Network Somerville.

We will continue to keep you as informed of upcoming PD events as we possibly can.  Should you stumble on a fabulous presenter or have a fantastic idea for a presentation please do not hesitate to contact your co-ordinators on the CRT network email!!

May your year be fruitful!

Love Always,

Jane (& Rosemary, Karen & Sue!)

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